Cottage St Quartet by John M. Murphy
Cottage St Quartet by John M. Murphy. 16″ x 20″ Oil on Board
Clementines & Knife – 14" x 11" – Acrylic on Masonite – ©2013
Clementines & Knife – 14″ x 11″ – Acrylic on Masonite – ©2013

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Coke In the Snow

Residing in New England within the Connecticut River Valley gives me the opportunity to paint in a variety of environments, from cities to farmland, mountains as well as the coastline. I generally work on location “En Plein Air” to create my paintings.

Paintings that have a loose, spontaneous feel have always drawn my interest. My work is a response to color and shape and the effects of light on objects. The opportunities to capture something special on canvas are often fleeting. The special things are right there just waiting to be noticed.

Please take a look at my Galleries. This is the first time many of my paintings have been posted. Many paintings are available for sale as well.

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– John M. Murphy

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