John M. Murphy

Living in the Connecticut River Valley in New England gives me the opportunity to paint a variety of environments, from cities to farmland, mountains as well as the coastline. I generally work on location “En Plein Air” to create my paintings.

John M. Murphy Plein Air PaintingProfessionally my career as an Art Director has kept me busy since graduating from the University of Massachusetts (a while back) with a BFA in Painting and Graphic Design.

Graphic Design can be a great foundation for creating paintings. Graphic Design helps one thinks in terms of shape, color, form and balance within a composition. In location painting it’s beneficial to see the subject as interlocking colored shapes rather than thinking in terms of actual objects.

Years ago I started painting on location and found I enjoyed it much more than studio work. I enjoy the immediate challenge of trying to capture a quality painting in the small window before the atmospheric light changes. There is no better studio than being outside in the elements.

When I began painting on location I made up my mind that I would complete hundreds of paintings before I started posting work on my website. In most endeavors dedicating the time to “practice” regularly is what leads to progress. Painting becomes much more enjoyable when you’ve have lots of experience to support you.

The Chinese say “You must eat bitter to taste sweet”. Putting in much time experimenting with different approaches, material and techniques in the past years has left me with a great appreciation of other like minded painters and an even greater appreciation of Art … and hopefully I’ve made some progress.

I believe it was Cezanne who said that “Painting is meditation with a brush”. It is a great experience when you are set to do a painting. You establish the structure of it, think through the composition, and then an hour or two later the painting seems to have painted itself.

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