Free Fonts

These Arts & Crafts/Early-20th-Century fonts were offered for free on my old site.

The quality is not so great on some of these fonts, on others you don’t get a full set of characters.

But they’re still free.

All artwork copyright 2018
Much of it is available, contact me if interested.

Chelsea Studio |


Davys |


Dyer |


Eccentrical | 


EddaCaps |


Semiramis |


Spanky’s Bungalow |


Willow A&C |


Adresack |


Nickley |


Runy Tunes |


Hut Sut Ralston |


Kelmscott Roman |


Tanglewood Tales |


Hobby Horse |


Art Noveau Intitial Caps |


Nickelodeon |


Fortunaschwein |


Speedball |


Speedball Semi |


switchman avignon

Avignon |


Souci Sans |


Ragg Mopp |


Our Gang |


Sarah Caps | Missing Sarah Caps


Bala Cynwyd |


Runy Tunes Revisited |


Grasshopper |


Rivanna |


Payzant Pen |


Shangri-La |

7 thoughts on “Free Fonts”

  1. Been working in Arts and Crafts wood for a while but could never find the fonts for creating clocks, address signs, and plaques on my CNC machine. Thank so much for posting this wonderful data.

  2. LOVE YOUR QUOTES…thank you and congratulations on a beautiful website. Our newly formed foundation supporting an Arts and Crafts garden and arboretum needed fonts for our website, and we found you! We are now in process of putting the website up – coming soon!

    As a life long professional designer , illustrator and artist, (a portfolio my work is posted on my LinkedIn page) I deeply understand those quotes and thank you for sharing them. Have you read a book I recently stumbled upon? It is called Painting as a Pastime – by the great wordsmith and leader Winston Churchill- and it reinforces the Arts and Crafts philosophy that believes happiness is found in moments of learning new things, teaching others new things and mastery after great labor and sacrifice.

    1. Hi Judy,

      Thank you for your kind comments! Good luck with your foundation. I would like to read that book, Winston Churchill was a very interesting man.

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