2 thoughts on “Vally Farm Tree – 8″ x 10″”

  1. I love the confidence you show in your brushwork and your choice of pallet colors. Your using those blues next to the violet and fleshtone salmon areas were a stroke. My comment about your brushwork goes for all your canvases. There is a certain boldness and confidence they all add up to. The canvases that POP like the boatyard and the Adirondack sister chairs bidding the sun goodbye are ‘killer’ and trush be told, I’ll bet you were so dug into the groove you had a hard time getting out to take a needed breakd. Others, seem to lack this to my eye and I can’t help but feel you were not ‘in the groove’ when those canvases were executed. I have the same problem when I’m sketching an idea for a sculpture. When I’m in the groove, my hand doesn’t move fast enough and there is a confidence in my stroke that almost feels guided. Other days, when the muse is out without warning me. . .I try to sketch and although I come up with things, each has the characteristics of my style but they are never made. They are just generic style drawings. But when the muse comes back and my hands fly, each drawing races to finish all the essentials because it has sparked another idea and another. I have fill sketch pads with these and I still have them although they are now blown from the acid in the newsprint I prefer sketching. I can’t use the expensive rag papers as they are too precious in my thinking and my drawings are stilted and lack lustre. I very much enjoyed ‘strolling’ though your gallery of work and wish you the best of all things that will keep you excited and smiling about your next canvas. Just some thoughts from a fellow artist. . .thanx again!
    Tom Hanson

    1. Thanks for your comments Tom.
      Yes it is fun when the muse takes you, and like you said sometimes it’s harder to find than other times. The more I paint the easier I find it is to get into the groove. I find now what really helps me it to start very slowly and not even think of working energetically. I put some marks down, step back, take a good look, make some more marks, step back (no rush) wipe it down if I don’t like what happening, start over etc. Then at some point when things start happening I tend to get into the groove and the work seems to paint itself. Fun!

      I wish you the best as well,

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