2 thoughts on “Summer 2014 works”

  1. Hello, Mr Murphy. I happened upon your beautiful paintings while I was looking for Arts and Crafts fonts. I’m trying to design a logo for my breeding business. I’ve been hooked on Arts & Crafts ever since my mom brought me to an exhibition that was displayed at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park, 5-10 years ago. Your paintings are lovely, and they just make me feel good, content. Best wishes to you. I hope that my business will bring me the opportunity to actually purchase some of your work one day soon. At the moment, it seems I only put money into my breeding program. But that’s how it is, I suppose, with getting started. Regards, Jen

    1. Hi Jen, Glad you find my fonts useful! I still have a passion for the Arts and Crafts movement, it brings a lot of inspiration to me. Good luck with your Labradoodles, I checked out you web-site, pretty cool dogs. I see a few of them around town, nice. I’m glad you liked my paintings, which reminds me I need to get out more. Almost no snow this winter, just a lot of brown and grey in the landscape these days, there’s still beauty in there. Good luck, John

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